Open for our 2nd season in February!

 ​​happy  GOATS.   delicious   CHEESE.   wonderful   LIFE. 

Welcome to our new website!  Here you can find the latest on our goats, goat cheese, raw milk, and just about anything else happening on our farm.  While you can take a virtual tour on our website, we invite all of our customers to stop by the farm to see the real makers of your favorite local cheeses at work.  When you do, you can also sample and purchase our Grade A raw goat milk - an added bonus!

​Because we have other jobs during the day, our "open" hours are mainly evenings and weekends.  When we re-open for the 2017 season (late February), we will post new hours for the season, as well as additional information on where to go to get our cheeses - besides right from the farm of course!

​Right now, we are in our "dry" season, which means a well-deserved break for the girls.  Of course, this break also gives us a rest from a successful first season and time to prepare for our second year bringing you the most delicious fresh goat cheeses in the Hudson Valley.​​

​Opening in Summer 2017, you can find our cheeses and raw milk at Locust Hill Market.  Come visit for all of your local groceries!

 ​​happy  GOATS.

 delicious   CHEESE.

 wonderful   LIFE.